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You are cooking dinner on your kitchen stovetop.  You have just turned down the heat to simmer, and you quietly slip out the front door to check the mail, when you notice that the front door locked behind you. You don't have a spare key, and no one else is home. What do you do now?

You own a retail store. It is after hours, and your panic bar is stuck in the open position. You need to close your store, and lock up, but your panic bar lock is not cooperating. What's next?

A pickpocket has just lifted your key ring. Your house key, and car keys are all on that ring. How are you going to drive your car home, and how are you going to get inside your house, with no key?

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Locksmith emergencies can happen at any time, or any place.  The reasons for these emergencies are many. They include:

  • Human emotions – foreclosures, evictions, relationships ending, employee terminations
  • Nature – rusted, frozen locks, old and worn out locks and keys
  • Crime – vandalism, attempted break-in, theft
  • Human error – lost and forgotten keys, accidental lock-outs, broken off keys

The locksmith professionals at Locksmith in Tacoma recommend a few simple; easy to follow tips to help you prevent and survive lock and key emergencies:

  • Try to be aware of your location and surroundings at all times. Notice people approaching, where your wallet or purse is, keep track of your cell phone, key ring, passport, glasses, etc.
  • Keep the phone number to Tacoma Locksmith handy (preferably in your smart phone address book). That way, we are only moments away, when you need us most.
  • Keep your locks, and keys in good working order. If you notice something amiss, get it looked at as soon as possible (example; key sticking in the lock).
  • Buy quality locks, and keys to begin with. Good quality doesn't have to be expensive. Call Tacoma Locksmith for free price quotes anytime.

The locksmith professionals at Tacoma Locksmiths  are available round the clock. Our mobile locksmith vehicles have good coverage of the streets, and highways of the greater Tacoma, WA. area, and we leave for your location within 15-minutes of your emergency call to us. We are fully certified, licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind and protection. Our technicians have over 27 years of combined experience, making us well suited to handling any size, and type of locksmith emergency imaginable. Our live-answer dispatch personnel make sure that our locksmiths respond quickly to:

  • Emergency lockouts at the workplace, at home, or at your car
  • Children or pets locked in cars
  • Lost, and broken off keys
  • Malfunctions with key-less entry
  • Lock mechanism damage
  • Car trunks that won't open
  • Stuck steering wheel Clubs
  • Quick notice key duplication

No matter what the time, or the day; Tacoma Locksmith has your back. Call us anytime for affordable, and professional, emergency locksmith service.

Call Us: (253) 330-8747

Tacoma Locksmith
Tacoma Locksmith
Tacoma Locksmith

Residential Services:

* Lock Installation & repair
* Full service alarm installation
* Patio door and Garage locks
* Fencing & gate locks
* Peephole installation

Automobile Services:

* Emergency openings
* Ignition unlock
* Broken key extration
* Transponder chip key production

Commercial Services:

* Safe installation
* Full service alarm installation
* Panic doors
* File cabinet locks
* Access control system

Emergency Services:

* Full service alarms
* Patio door and garage systems
* Fence and gate locks
* Peephole installation